Wednesday, June 3, 2009

tisk tisk

Im afraid im losing myself here. i feel unnoticed. unpretty. uninteresting.

Im glad im going to houston on saturday. Im supposed to hang with my sister which i think will be unusually refreshing. at least ill have someone to talk to...someone who gives input. which is also something i havent gotten much of. dude, do i still have any fucking friends? doesnt feel like it.

the best part of today was that i won some adorable taverniti jeans on ebay like so...

but i didnt win the sky top i was bidding on. bummer. it was so me.
if only people understood how wonderful ebay is.... sigh.....

kona wont stop taking a crap next to the litter box. its driving me insane.

well im gonna go back to watching tori spelling in this old lifetime movie. she looks sorta fug. I know its mean. but hey she looks great now! I dont think dark lipstick and bleach blond white ass hair was workin for her back then. Im a dork.

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