Friday, June 5, 2009

today has been better than usual.

I had a interview today for a really cute restaurnat in beaumont. I had been waiting all week for this one. it went well. of course i was hoping i would miraculously hear i got a job today and let the shopping begin! haha. well ironically, on my way to the interview that first apt complex called me to FINALLY set up a third interview for monday. also yesterday bank of america called for a interview over the phone as well on monday. and then when i went to this oher job at ANOTHER complex yesterday that interview went well too. so at leas the ball is rolling a little faster then it was. I just wanna buy a new digi cam and me and justin want to buy a wii together! I got these plans for money that i have but cannot spend yet. but thats typical me. i feel like posting a few pictures. lets call them the lost photos.

too cute. kona is IN LOVE with justin.

melissa on my bday at the slots (sluts haha) for her first time ever.

me and teddy. he's been really moody lately.

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