Thursday, September 24, 2009

Austin City Limits!!!!

Austin City Limits is only a week away, and we cant wait!!

Last year, we only had two day passes, but this year we got 3day wristbands! Its hard to survive there for three days, so I decided I would put together my personal survival kit.

  • small back pack (preferably my pink jansport half pint backpack)
  • A mini fan
  • disc golf chairs (they are small, light,and have a should carry strap)
  • cash cash cash
  • bandana (for hair fashion, and then at night to shield your face from the dust, its pretty bad, and WILL make you sick)
  • sunblock and sunblock lip balm
  • mirror
  • camera
  • flask with choice liquor
  • a flag (people carry flags that get pretty creative, so other can find them by their flag)

This year, the lineup is pretty fucking disapointing, due to three headliner dropouts. 3 bands that I was really really looking foward to seeing...Lily Allen, Sonic Youth, and Beastie Boys. The thing is ACL jipped us all, they only replaced ONE of these bands with the Yeah Yeah hardly makes up for it...I love them, but come on, Sonic Youth? that woulda been badass. Well, it was too late to do much, and Justin, god love em, is still stoked about going. Here is my personal lineup:


  • The Knux
  • The Walkmen
  • Coheed and Cambria
  • Thievery Corporation
  • Yeah Yeah Yeahs


  • The Virgins
  • The Raveonettes
  • Grizzly Bear (so excited!)
  • Citizen Cope
  • Ghostland Observatory


  • David Garza
  • Here we go Magic
  • B52's
  • Toadies
  • Passion Pit
  • Ben Harper
  • Pearl Jam

so many bands to see but that is my personal lineup. well, all for now, I'm at work, trying to resist the smell of doughnuts, and kolaches on the table next to me. I wont I wont I wont. This Tracy Reese top is too cute to show off the full bulge. haha.


Melissa Amelia said...

Doughnuts I can do without. Kolaches on the other hand..... mmmmmmmm

ACL. What a disappointment this year. I know, I'm dis-invited to Burning Man. Honestly, I thought that BM had live music too, but it doesn't. So, not sure if I would go to that. What do you do all day???

juliewood said...

get fucked up and watch shit happen.I watched this thing on current tv abou it and looked amazing. but suit yourself lame-o.

citymama said...

jealous. So very jealous! I wish I could go there with you guys! Sunday sounds good!

fieryred said...

ha dust this year lady...i heard the grass was awesome on Friday...i got a free pass on Sat...and stomped around in the mud during Dave Matthews but i was still fun.