Saturday, December 22, 2012

Wanted Weekends V.1

Betsey johnson accessories

So begins my wanted weekends, and to start with I am using my classic favorite, Betsey Johnson, and her accessories. I almost cried when I went into her store for the last time and I was so afraid I would never see her stuff again. The bright side is that her accessories and shoes, and the Betseyville bags are still available but unfortunately the leather goods, and designer dresses have gone bye-bye. At least there's still ebay. But there was always a special feeling I would get when I went into her boutique and got to feel the beautiful dresses and fun frocks. The walls were lined with shelving that held her beautiful leather bags, and for a while those were the only bags I'd carry.

Now that I have Violet I'm a little more realistic with purses. Right now I have the ugliest burnt orange crossbody bag I got at Nordstrom Rack. But I like it for all it's compartments. (think not having to carry my diaper bag all the time. Yay!)

Christmas Day is so so so nearing, and I'm hoping for a special little gift from Justy, specifically that necklace on the right hand side with the three hearts. I think thatd be another good every day necklace for myself. And those are the types of pieces I'm all about these days. Also I'm loving Peter Pan collar necklaces BIG TIME. And lastly, the ruby red ring on the left, I'm dying over. It reminds me of my favorite residents rings she wears that I always comment on. Except her ring is actually a REAL ruby.

All for now! Have a great Xmas weekend!

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Melissa Amelia said...

I swear I left a comment yesterday, but I guess it didn't post! I love the gumball necklace, supercute. I'm sad about Betsey too, but I really only ever bought the accessories anyway. Glad to see you are writing again. I am too!