Herrrrreeee's Stair Girl!

Yellow! My name is Julie and I was born and raised in Houston, TX. Which make me a true Texas girl! I'm brand new to being 30, and I strongly believe 30 is the new 20.

Life didnt really begin for me until I met my husband, Justin. Funny enough we met and my big sister's wedding, and starting literally the day after we were inseperable! We share a big love of music, vintage and cereal. yes, cereal. Speaking of music, that brings me to where Justin asked me to marry him...at Austin City Limits music festival. It was incredibly suprising and romantic. and to add more surprise,  during all the craziness of me planning the wedding on my own, we discovered that I was pregnant with our lovely baby girl, Violet Bryn.

Violet was born on 9-10-11 (hahaha, no for real.) Violet has made Justin and I both better people and we are enjoying every step of the way in this new chapter of our lives. V looks like her Daddy, but acts silly just like her Mommy. We still dont know where she got that strawberry blonde hair from!

About a year ago, I finally got the job of dreams, working in Senior Living as a Activity Coordinator. My days are full of party planning, table games, and socializing with my favorite age group. Doing this job has tremendously changed my life, and it feels great finally feeling like I have purpose to serve our seniors and help them continue to live their lives to the fullest.

I leave you with a few facts about me:

  • I love the color lavender. and then any other pastel color after that.
  • I love animals. I have three: Penny-our lab mix, Teddy-my long haired kitty I've had since I was 21 years old, and Kona-our other kitty whom I like to call 'Mini Cat', which was Justin's cat he's had for 9 years as well.
  • I like to "treasure hunt" which is code for thrifting. Its my biggest hobby.
  • Target is my kryptonite store.
  • Sometimes, I feel like I live through Violet with all the vintage toys I buy her.
  • I love strawberries. Like anything with strawberries in it, on it, with it, you name it.
  • I also like hamburger decor, clothes, ect. I also dont really ever eat hamburgers either. I just think they look cute.
  • I am a very tattooed mama.
  • Justin doesn't have ANY tattoos. He thinks he's the new unique.
  • I have a short attention span. I've been trying to get better about it.
  • I watch some serious trash tv that I'm a bit secretive about exactly what it is.
  • I've been blogging since 2001. First Livejournal. Now here since 2008.

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