Tuesday, November 4, 2008


ya know. Iloooove my apt and all but having hardwood floors annoys the fuck out of me sometimes. exspecially with teddy and his hairy ass paws and all his fuckin cat litter.

today was boring. I'm guessing cuz of all the election banter it was dead because of it.

BUT- heres the upside to tomorrow:
womens half yearly starts. I know, I know, but I'm gonna spurlge a little on myself especially since I havent in a loooong time. and its all on sale anyway. I swear there's like 10 different pairs of shoes I want. I need new jeans since none of my current jeans are fitting. (i lost 7 lbs and i plan on keeping it going woohoo!) but I'm just gonna have to wait on those.

I'm bored. and all i wanna do is see justin right now.

not to mention man is my computer a piece of shit. its high time for it to go to a geek squad of some kind to get some more memory or something.

"oooh a piece of candy. ooooh a piece of candy. ooooh a piece of candy."

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