Wednesday, November 5, 2008


oh how i love you saturn car. but today, I'd like to take a bat to ya.

i'm having coolant problems or something....the fan on the engine is working....I just out coolant in it tonight and still the temp is in the middle instead of half way to the middle.

when I get car problems I seriously like realy stress the fuck out. why? not because I cant get to work...(i could honestly give a rats ass if I miss a day) but because without my car i have no ride to see justin. and that makes me freak. when I hang with him in beaumont let me give you a run down of when I stay there for two days during the week:

night one- we watch tv and justin will usually fall asleep early while we watch many a movie. I dont blame the poor guy he gets up at like 5:30 or something like that.

day one- justin goes to work...I wake up to say goodbye, and then I get up, and have a bowl of his beloved cereal (he never knew how much I liked cereal too when we first got together) and then I usually watch and episode of the simpsons (let me note that justin has no cable- and I mean NO channels at all) and then me and kona go back to bed and sleep till 10-11 I then get up and shower and do one of two things...go to the most horrid mall ever which has like 20 athletic shoe stores (why?) and walk around aimlessly or go to the HEBplus! to get a bottle of wine and some dark choclate snack packs (i havent seen any DC snak packs in houston) and then go home and watch a movie till justin gets home. I dont mind AT ALL chillin like this not doin much cuz if i was home id most likely be at work which i hate so being far way from that is good enough for me.

night two- we usually order movies or go to a bar/restaurant....suprisingly we went to a martini bar there one was cute. I just remembered that we need to play NES more often because I left mine with him at his house for a reason...

day two- repeat the morning of day one and then I get up shower and make my trip home.

Whenever I talk to melissa or allison I'm sure they have wondered what exactly i do all day while justin's at work, so yeah I just felt like explaining a piece of it...

On a different note, my interview has been switched to friday instead....I told them at 1 so i can go during my lunch break. I cant tell you how much I want a job!!! oh man. i wont even go into how mediocre today was...

johnny finally text messaged me yesterday, and that really made my day. I was worried about him.

one last thing. my new favorite show:

Jon and Kate plus Eight

that show rules. everyone should watch.

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