Monday, November 3, 2008


I only planned on taking half a vikadin from my dad's bathroom drawer today to ease the pain on my crooked jaw. But as of 10:15 tonight I gave in and took the other half and oh, great I gotta be in a 9am tomorrow. I was thinking I'd be in luck since the boss man wasnt scheduled to work tomorrow but when Jaime called me for our usual bitch-about-manny/jason-discussions he said manny plans on coming in. Fuck.

oh well.

I have an interview on thursday. I'm praying. I'm just very over the current. Even being at the top on the schedule isnt good enough for me because I KNOW he doesnt think I deserve it.

I'm not gonna scum my first bloggy blog about how I hate work. I'm so incredibly happy with everything else right now I worry is this ok? I think it is. I told mom today out of all the guys I dated and told her "i really like him so much" I 've never been able to say, "I think we're right for each other." This time I can say it and I actually believe it. Justin betters me, and because of him I look at the world differently. And THAT my friends, is awesome.

BTW- I figured I dont really have many hobbies, so I'm gonna pick up a few. This website will be one of them. Weeeeeeee.....go me.

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