Saturday, June 27, 2009


something has happened to me that never has before.

I have a toothache. and perfect fucking timing too since I dont have insurance that sets in for another two and a half months. this means i will most likely be paying full cost somewhere ghetto. like fucking lovett dental or something. dont get me wrong, maybe its a good place, but when i went in there a long time ago o apply for a job opening they had there, the people at the reception all looked tore the fuck up, like theyd been up for days. we'll see though. because, i cant drink cold stuff or eat cold stuff and its fucking 108 degrees here. and i dont even like hot drinks. AT ALL. i always make a point to tell people this when they always inquire about my mcdonalds iced coffee i carry around with me in the mornings. so back to the toothache. if you hadnt ever had one your lucky. i mean i brush nearly twice a day unless i get drunk that night, i usually skip the night brushing. but then again, i hadnt had a teeth cleaning at the dentist in ages. i mean years. a least i have been lucky enough to go ever in the first place. some people have never gone to the dentist. anywho. i will continue to do what i had been planning on all week on this sunny-ish saturday. sit on my ass cuz im tired as fuck from getting blitzed last night and talking nonsense to justin, and maybe try to fit in a mall trip to the beaumont mall with the most sports shoes stores ive ever come across. what is up with that?

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