Wednesday, July 15, 2009

am i behind?

so i was thinking about it and i have heard, found, realized that almost (I mean really almost ALL) all my old boyfriends, whom I have considered having been in a actual relatinship with are either engaged, or now married. WTF?

I've been in a serious relationship for almost a year and a half now, and we've never even talked marriage. sorta sad I know. and I dont even know why we havent. we just havent. I think I could discuss it, but I am a little deathly afraid of what he'd think. does he want to marry me one day? could he see himself marrying me? am I freaking out over nothing?

like seriously, let me go down the list of past flames and what they are up to now, if anyone but myself is really interested, but, letting it out feels a bit better:

Paul: my first high school boyfriend. And weirdly now he's my brother in law since my older sister married his older brother. Well he married this chick casey about a year ago, and guess what? they are about to have a baby about the same time as allison! yikes.

Evan: ok. So i dont know if he's engaged, but he almost is. We had always been good friends even after our relationship ended. But now he's so deep he wont answer the phone when one us (meaning the fab four) calls him.

Kevin: muahahahhaa. he's married. he has a daughter now. And I think he's divorced too. I say this cuz he's a friend on my facebook and it doesnt say: married to: or anything, nor is there any photos of him and his "wife". but still, he was married at some point.

Keith: one of the ones thats not married. I dont even think hes really been in anything serious since me. and that was FOREVER ago. like I was a senior in HS.

Jimmy: He was immediately after Keith. He is also married, and has a kid. I also know for a fact a while back his wife would spy me on myspace like 4 times a day for a while there. Then I tried to clear the air and just add jimmy on myspace he denied me. Um, really?

Mike: is he alive?

Al: is he alive?

George: Engaged. Engaged to the girl he got with after me. sigh....thank god he was a tool. and incredibly BORING. its a good thing also cuz I would have been peeing with faucet running for the rest of my life.

Todd: engaged. to the girl he was with BEFORE me. haha. We're still friends todd and I and his ex-now fiance was never mean to me. she's alright. they were good for each other I think.

Brandon: uuuuugh. Where do i begin with this goon? I have SOOOOO many bad things I could say. He literally ruined my life for 2 years. And I know as of yesterday, he is now married to some random girl who I dont know much of (probly a good thing) but I do know that he is the kind of person who thinks he needs to be married so there can be someone else to share his debt. which is ALOT from what I remember. Unfortunately, I acquired his habit for being insecure in the "believing someone truly loves you" department. And justin now has to hear it from me quite often. and i hate that I'm now like that sometimes.

anyway. I feel a bit better. I vented.

and the best thing to say is my new WATERPROOF digi cam comes in the mail in a week!

I'm going floating in san antonio this weekend and last weekend I won $400 at the casinos in lake charles. life is pretty good.

I love justin. I really hope he's the one.

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fieryred said...

All i can say to this Is....who cares ;-) who cares if any of them are married or engaged. Would you want to REALLY be married to any of them anyway? AND who cares if YOU are married right now. Stop worrying about the future, you are happy with Justin and he is happy with you. Don't let the future mess up the present. Enjoy each other...maybe you will marry(and for some it takes many many years to get to that point), maybe you won't...look at Kurt russel and Goldie...they have been together forever and still aren't married. Point is Love and Enjoy each other and don't worry.