Friday, July 24, 2009

ok then.

today so far has been half bad. so I guess I gotta work tomorrow for 4 hours. I plan on fucking off, and bringing a book/magazine and maybe even posting to my bloggy blog! Ijust got my new digi yesterday and now all I want is to go take photos with it. But where? Its sorta funny, I can honestly say there is NOTHING to do here in beaumont. Like I'm not joking. Even Justin will say it and he tries to get me off being negative about being here. Imagine yourself being somewhere where the 3 places you really ever went was Home, Work, and The Grocery Store. yep, thats here. Its weird to think about, but its pretty true. I ask everyone, what do you do here? Evryone says, "go to Houston" wow. Helpful.

Either way, my job as of today is getting better. I'm not trying to toot my own horn, but I'm pretty good at what I do. I work quickly and sufficiently, and that what they want. Including the face that I am also I fast learner. I was never like this in High School. Why did I have to bloom so late in the brain department? Bummer.

I have also been having so WACKASS dreams....last night I had a dream about my teddy. Teddy i believe hasnt been feeling really good lately, and it pretty obvious. Since at the moment I'm a loser and I have no money, I had set up a vet appt for him for tomorrow, but I had to reschedule for two weeks from now, since I have to work tomorrow and 'I'm broke. Well the latest dream was that teddy was running around like literally a mad CAT and had I big shard of glass cutting everyone with around him. I stopped teddy and gently pulled the glass out of his throat. I was very horrific dude. Its a sign to me. Teddy doesnt feel good. And I feel like a shithead for not being able to do something till now. Ugh.
The next dream was that I was something about not being with Justin and then something happened where it made me see how Justin was the one for me. Basically the point of that one was that he really is the one for me. Sigh.....I wish we were still in honeymoon period. That was so exciting. Everything is so new. But as soon as we get out of this town we'll get a whole new adventure, cuz we most likely will NOT be moving back to houston. that right. NOT MOVING back to houston. I cant wait to see where life takes us though!

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