Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Dream Rides

Eventually I plan on purchasing a new car...my 2001 saturn is losing it fast. I am sure if I go the smart direction I will get a Toyota Corolla. (i know I know. lame. BUT depenpable as fuck. and afordable.) But if I had a bunch of mulahlah I would get one of the following. Notice how I really like VW's...alot. Especially the Karmen Ghia. And if I got a bug, yes I would if I could go with THAT color. I like pink things. Alot.


Ashli said...

I want that pink beetle.

So badly.

jorden said...

volkswagens are the best!

fyi... i am not uber impressed with LA Candy, I actually am looking forward to finishing it so i can start something new :]

Iva said...

seriously cute!!

Kristin said...

How cute is that pink but. So freakin' cute!