Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Turn to the left!!! Turn to the right!!!

I am a AVID ebayer these days. Reasons are I am soooooo broke. I love nice things, so what's a girl to do? Ebay it. Even if the things I purchase may not be THIS season, its still the label, and that makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. I no longer get my shitteous little discount at Nordstrom where I used to work, nor do I get to see all the latest fashion being sold there. And lets face it, I live in Beaumont. Hardly ANYONE here gives a shit about the latest and greatest, and if they do, I dont know em. I am amongst people that walk up in my office with no shoes on/holes in dirty tshirts/some type of pajama pants on. No one cares. it hurts a little everytime. So to help this I decided I would swallow it and get a few subscriptions to some fashion magazines. I like NYLON, and I am also going Marie Claire and maybe Lucky. Anywho, here's my latest ebay buys. So excited.

Since the beginning of time....not really, but for like EVER, I have been obsessed with Sky/Jagger tops. They make the girls look fab. haha, ew. but seriously they do. And I dont have much to work with, so I need all the help I can get.

I loooooooove Smashbox's O-gloss. So much I pee a little in my pants. Just kidding. There's no where here to buy it, and to anyone who does not know what this is, I HIGHLY recommend it for those who can never decide on a colored gloss. This shit does that deciding for you. It's clear but it has "goji berry-C complex" which means it colors your lips natch without the burn of those damn lip plumpers.

I dont know what moved me, but I decided to purchase another bathing suit. I came to realize I really really like the fit of Juicy Couture swimwear, and this one here was only $35 on ebay, so what they hey? Summer for us south-texans lasts till november sometimes, so I think I might get some wear out of it still. The only thing on this suit is I almost scared to wear it because of the sequins. I havent worn this style suit before either, last time my friend liz wore this style in front of
our friends she was told she looked like a drug lord's girlfriend. I can handle that.

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love this post. and the background!