Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Dancin in September

haha that song will now be in my head.

Before my sister kills me whenever she gets around to reading this, I need to put up a photo of her newborn cherub baby, Kylie Louise. She was born August 19,2009.

Pretty excitng, I am now an aunt! It was so weird seeing my big sis being all preggers, now even weirder seeing her burp her new born child.

Well, its now september, and I am happy to report that for the past few days, its been sorta cool out when I go to work. I cant tell you how much I looove that. We need out of this drought. I got off work early today, went to the mall, found a purse I highly desire, but, at the moment, I have no mulah. This was a bag even ebay cant help me with most likely. I am a carrier of betsey johnson, but I definitely cant afford one of those! But i need a new purse desperately. that should be my september goal. find a new handbag. aaaaaaaannnd save for this:

yeah, thats right. I'm goin. With my 3day wrist band intact. But seriously, this aint no walk in the park. Blog about that later.


Kelly said...

oh being an aunt is THE BEST thing. seriously. my sister had my nephew nine and a half months ago and each day i think he gets more and more adorable. congrats to you and your sister! she is darling!

good luck with the purse goal. i've made a couple and they involve shoes and a purse too!

Hope said...

Cute baby! I love your blog. You have an attitude that sets you apart from the rest.

Melissa Amelia said...

Yay for ACL!! Do me a favor... go ahead and save some mulah for me too. We can share, right? Right??

Iva said...

awwww she is a cutie!! Congratulations to your family :)