Monday, August 31, 2009

exciting, no?

this weekend was pretty good I guess.

  • friday night me and justy went to cheddars ( really good, and yeah dude, thats pretty much what e have to choose from around here)

  • thennnnnn we went and saw 500 days of summer. It was cute. really cute. a fabulous soundtrack and then to top it off one of the bestest everz montages to make fun of all "I feel so good right now I just got laid" montages.

  • saturday, had to work from 10-2pm we went to IZ funky (the retro-ee store I rave about) and justin spied a really sweet lookin couch. I sware every time I go there, I see something I didnt see the time before. its awesome.

  • we drove to port neches, attempting to go to this min flea market. When we finally found it it closed already. it was 5pm. laaaaame.

  • We went to the park. Saw a bride to be getting photos taken...didnt want to interupt so we turned right back around and headed to ESKIMO HUT!!! alchoholic frozen bevs delivered to your car window TO GO. yum. I had a Pink Colada. It was deeelish.

  • saturday night, proceeded to get drunk. at home. the plan was to make it up to barking dog tavern. this didnt happen.

  • SUNDAY bloody sunday. I had this HORRID zit on my face that was at its worst that day. Just was the sweet bf and said it wasnt that bad. but dude. it was. We went swimming then got caught in the rain. But suprisingly, I managed to whip up a tan for the little time the sun was out.

  • after the rain, we went on our search for beaumont's best chinese takeout. this time, after the one with the mexican rice and not actual fried rice, and the other one that ripped apart our stomachs for 2 days, I think we finally found a good one that compared to our old montrose gem back in houston.

  • I watched True Blood as usual.

  • I also had to, yes, had to, catch the new TOOL ACADEMY. it was pretty funny. and sad to watch. thank the lorrrrd I have he best boyfriend in the whole world.

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