Friday, September 11, 2009

Weekend Warriors

I hadnt had a chance to update about my past holiday weekend and here we are at the next weekend already. thats ok. I'll go ahead wid it.

  • we came into Wimberly, Tx to see justin's parents. It was great, I love his mom and step dad, they completely remind me of my own parents.

  • Saturday, our mutual pal Colleen (she's one reason why we met) took us to Hamilton pool. It's pretty damn amazing. The downside of this area of texas is that we havent gotten much rain this year, so all the natural springs arent running very well, and its making it all a bit stagnant, but still amazing.

    We went to Canyon Lake Sunday, and I'm sorry, most of my pictures from that were so-so. But I happened to make a new friend.
    His name was Casper. I have been dying to get a pooch, and Justie has been wishy-washy about it, but when the time comes, I'm getting a miniature poodle. They dont shed, the size is perfection, and after this little guy we so bonded, and it made me want a dog even more than before!
    I'm so tired this week....I'm in good spirits, just tired and super lazy. This weekend, I'm heading back to Houston to hang with family, and friends. And maybe a bit of shopping...I know man.
    I decided since I needs monies so bad, I'm selling shit on Ebay. two auctions have ended, and I sold on both. $50.00 in my pocket already. Nice.
    As for right this second, I'm at work, biding my time till 5 o'clock rolls around. I finally got to stop working Temporary Saturdays! BLISS!!!

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