Saturday, September 12, 2009


So I know I'm a day late here, on remembering 9/11 but, last night I was at our apt alone, since Justin had a disc golf tournament in Houston, and when I decided to go to bed, I turned on the tv and the history channel was showing this footage that was collected for that horrible, sad day.

It was really shocking watching all these people's different perspectives on it, as it was happening, all the fear, and heroic acts that were going on. I couldnt stop watching. I had never seen any footage before until last night of people that were on the 105th floor with the windows open, and the people who actually jumped. oh, man. It was horrific.

I still havent been to New York. And thats still the ONE place I have ever wanted to go.

I thought about what I was doing that day, that morning, I was up before it all went down, and I was still living at home, my sister and I were getting ready for school at Community College, and weirdly enough, I DID have the news on my tv, and me and allison watched it all happen on tv that morning. I remember my mom telling us to stay the hell home, and that next time my class rolled around my teacher was soooooo unsensitive about it. I was so mad at that woman.

The point is to never forget this. Never forget those people that died trying to help others. Never forget those people who didnt see it coming. Nobody did.

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Viva La Fashion said...

i will always remember where i was when i heard the news.