Tuesday, September 29, 2009

September Sum It Up

Two days left in Septemeber, and it went by soooooo fast!!! I cant wait for October, I love love love the fall (but not as much as spring) but my two favorite holidays are in the fall,(Halloween and Thanksgiving) and you cant beat that.

What I read:

I read way too many fashion magazines, and I have been trying to finish Twilight, so I can read New Moon before November comes around. So much hype on that shit!

Favorite September Plans:

When we went to Wimberly and San Antonio!

Music On Repeat:

I am totally obsessed with Yeah Yeah Yeahs "Heads will Roll" but thats just this week....

Fave Septemeber Meal:

I like food, but I'm not one for big meals or eating out....weird I know, but my stomach cant afford it. But eating sushi at Tokyo here in Btown has been supreme.

September Changes:

Finding out I get to be an Assistant Manager at Btown's nicer property. Sigh of relief.

What I watched:

We saw "Extract" suprisingly it was sorta lame...

We also saw "Jennifer's Body" and that was sooo good.

September Mood:

I overcame my negativity about being in this town, for now, I miss My family, havent chatted much with friends with the fab exception of Kelly and Jaime. I have been trying to make it work, and I feel a little let down sometimes, which is a subject I havent covered much with anyone.

Next Up:
Visit to Houston to see family, Sherri and Kelly night out!
Ren Fest!


Allison said...

So I finally got around to checking this out. You better get a more exciting life...you almost put me to sleep. haha. JK, i know its because Bmont probably doesn't provide many earth shattering life experience you want to write about, right?
That whole yeah yeah yeahs album rocks my socks!! I remember that when Kylie was still on the inside, I'd drive around BLASTING the song zero and she would always be kicking and moving along. Kid already has good taste in muzak.
If i ever get some time I'm going to start me one of the bloggie things, seems like a good outlet.
Maybe next weekend we can go to the mall together. I need mascara. That would be supah cool..and bring kylie bug and introduce her to the money pit of all money pits :)

fieryred said...

Sorry i missed at ACL this year...that would be because i didnt go. I know, I know...don't say it.