Monday, October 12, 2009

my hiatus

I am still tired, its all because I've just been BUSY!

Acl was fuuuuun, but last year was better. why you may ask? weather to be specific.

I plan on posting a blog using pictures tonight to be more specific. I just started at my new property, same job, same company, but better property, better boss, better staff!!! Its pretty amazing so far. my new boss is super cool, laid back, and the best part, is that she actually cusses as much as me!! I didnt think I'd realize how much the old one was that bad, but she sorta was....lies, a buzzkill all the time, and unapproachable. I feel incredibly better, and more at peace with my job...and not making much, but now at least i'm doing only half the paperwork. Now its more like what i get paid matches my work load a bit more. I can deal with that till we get outta this shitty city!

This weekend we went to Clear Lake, where I got to hang out with KELLY!! and we went to our old place of work from back inda day, and got hooked up with many free drinks. So by the time we lef and actually went out-out to meet up with people,we were fucking TOASTED. It was like a freakin high school reunion, which is something I am totally lookin for when I go back to my hometown. Kelly and I danced the night away on the dancefloor, and continued to dance on the d-floor even when no one else was on it.

Yeah, thats me...I did this dance all by myself to Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody" which most know its not the kid of song you can really dance to. Somehow, I made it work.

Awesome, right? oh geez.

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