Tuesday, October 27, 2009

H.R. pup and stuff!

We did it!

We got a PUPPY!

which is why, Ive been so MIA, that and I've been sick. But last week, I was at work and this couple came in who live here, were stressed out. They had a 5 week old yellow lab puppy they could not afford to keep and didnt know what to do with her. So I called Justin,and suprisingly, he said YES! we could take her. So I'm pretty excited. I'm a first time dog owner. thats right. pretty sweet. She's good, so far has been sleeping through the night, but who know how long that will last. Its been great to get everyone's advice on having a dog, its been very helpful , and any more is much appreciated.

She's definitely something/one to keep me busy since I'm soooo damn bored in this town. Lets show her off....

MEET PENELOPE! (Penny for short)

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