Friday, November 27, 2009

Eatin Pants

Thanksgiving is one of my two fave Holidays! As usual we went to Grandma's house, but this time around things were just a little different. For the first time, I made a dish to bring, and that was a unusual feat for me, since I never ever cook. But cooking can be pretty cool, when what you make is a hit! Which in my case it was. I made "Cheesey Corn Casserole" which was pretty easy to do, and I decided all I wanna do is make casseroles now. I mean, who DOESNT like casseroles?

I took a piece to try before I actually served it to make sure it was any good. And I was very relieved that it was!
*Next thing on the list to buy is a good casserole dish to make some more shit!*
Also, it was my niece's first TG and that was pretty cool. She's pretty chill, and so cute. My grandma pretty much hogged her the whole time, holding her and crying from time to time out of happiness that she gets to be a part of the little tater tot's life. It made me happy too.

At times like this I always wish I got more pictures....when Xmas comes around you better believe I will be snapping more shots. I cant wait to move back to Houston. I need a pair of ruby red slippers.

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Allison said...

good pics! you were the onlt one who took any :)