Monday, December 7, 2009


Current Mags:I am really really really bummed out about Miss Behave Magazine being canceled...that was my favoite magazine ever...but I still enjoy NYLON.
Current Music:the new Basement Jaxx album OH YEAH!
Current Obsessions:Reading new blogs, Ebay, Reading books alot, Hoarders (tv show) moving home
Current Drink:it rarely changes, diet coke....but yesterday I was really enjoying a stout vodka on the rocks w/splash of sprite
Current Songs:I can never come up with specifics.
Current Movie:UP was sooooo good. highly reccomended
Current TV Show:Parks and Recreation, The Office, Hoarders, Bad girls club
Current Wish-List:A Crock Pot, XM radio, A new (used) car
Current Needs:to lose 5lbs. and keep it off....also the biggest MOVE HOME (i already am in march but I NEED justin to come with me)
Current Triumph(s):Being completely independent from mom and dad...they no longer cover ANY of my expenses. I'm dealing pretty well, suprisingly.
Current Bane(s) of my Existence:Beaumont. nuff said.
Current Goal(s):Making better money, working on my relationship with Justin, moving back to Houston
Current Indulgence:Cookies. I never pass up a cookie.
Current Blessing:my family and the new tater tot (kylie) and my new puppy, Penny
Current Slang or Saying:wack. thats wack. or- Bring it on!
Current (Fav) Outfit:my new MEK jeans ( i swore Id never own a pair but they suprisingly fit PURRRRFECT) any of my new Sky tops
Current Excitement:It snowed in Houston....!!!
Current Mood:Anxious and ready for a BIG change
Let me know how you are feeling...


Caro said...

I am jealous of you being excited for snow when we are expecting 20 to 30 cm Wednesday. I guess it all depends where your from ;)

juliewood said...

Im jealous of the people that like it getting warm out! it ALWAYS hot as hell here. sigh...but yes, its where you're from :-)