Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Findings: Retro Redux pt.2

For once, me and justy stayed in Btown for the weekend and I got Justy to go to one of my favorite places (there's not many here) The Old Towne Flea Market. Its not really a flea market like the ones I am used to, but it does the trick. Flea markets and Farmer & Artists markets are seriously like some of my favorite things to do. Oh, yeah, and garage sales....but these days garage sales consist of people trying to sell an old toilet paper roll. Lame.'s what we discovered this time around:

this vinyl couch was cool- we have been looking for a vintage l-shaped couch, we saw another one somewhere else, but we shoulda bought it then and there-but I guess it wasnt meant to be. If this couch is there next time we come- hopefully we'll buy it.
Funky lamps and vases. With I had room for all of em! I specifically like the white round ones....those are a find!
This little chair is definitely antique, called a "milking chair" its very short, low to the ground, and supprisingly, VERY comfy.
fun wall decor- including MY sign- Taurus

Well, hope you enjoyed our fun finds. wish we could buy em all....I cant wait to move back to Houston to actually buy stuff for a new sucks when you dont wanna get something for you apt that you know you arent staying at!

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