Saturday, December 12, 2009

let's be happy

I know I'm pretty happy. This week has served the best news of the year and I cant wait for 2010 to start already! Lets do a rundown....
  • the #1 thing here is that after ALL my bitching and complaining, Justin finally got the word from his employers that he can transfer back to a Houston office! We get to go home! I cant wait! no more traveling every weekend, no more me having no friends, no more bad customer service, no more bad shopping, no more job that doesnt pay good! sigh...its all happening in March. So wonderful.

  • the new Vampire Weekend album comes out January 12th- i will be the first to purchase it. haha.
  • I bought Penny a shirt to wear, I figured I get her started early, especially since she's gonna be huge late on, and she totally loved her little tshirt I bought! She's my little rockstar....
  • We have two parties to go to today, Hunter's 3rd birthday, and our friend Nicole's Graduation party. I miss goingout so much, seeing good friends in the same place makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside
  • I'm DONE with xmas shopping. woo hoo!
  • I got an email at work the other day that said they hired a floater to cover two saturdays a month for me. I'm ELATED that I wont have to waste every saturday in the office, I mean really? its Beaumont, no one comes in here.
  • My sister announced to me that I am officially Kylie's godmother. thats pretty cool, now I gotta figure out the duties of a godmother? better gifts that everyone else to her? Babysit all the time? Well, like my godmother, whom I havent seen in like 15 yrs, I will put forth some effort.
  • Yesterday, I heard Phoenix on the radio....that has NEVER happened. I was at work, so for like 3 minutes, I was like dancing behind my desk.
  • My grandparents just celebrated their 60th anniversary this past tuesday. Thats a really big landmark, we had a big lunch party deal last sunday, and I sorta nuked this but I snapped a photo of a photo:

Hope everyone has a good weekend!

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stephanie said...

that tee is so cute on penny!! and congrats to your grandparents, how amazing is that..and what a gorgeous photo :)