Thursday, December 17, 2009

As seen on tv!

just when I get some fabuloso news that I get to move my sweet ass back to houston in march, I get the news that my bestie is moving to Austin in like a week. boo.

I am happy for her! she needed this break! but- as I told her, its very bittersweet. the upside is that at least i will be closer to austin with the travel time when I move back to htown. but man, bummer! I am also jealous....if it wasnt for justie and mom, I'd be back there in a heartbeat. one day....
so for xmas my family is doing a white elephant thing but with "as seen on tv" items. this should be fun. and white elephant is totally funny. last year we did it and I was the first one to steal a gift. and I stole from none other than my grandma. haha. hey, man, it was the dark knight dvd with a bottle of red wine, I couldnt pass that up! so here are a few ideas for my as seen on tv gifts...the trick is to be able to find them somewhere in beaumont. which would YOU choose?

um, does anyone want a GIANT cupcake for a birthday cake? I wanna just buy one for myself!
these a pretty and anyone who does plants would like these.

no one except me would want this. maybe my cousin sherri....
this would be a really really good joke! if only I could find it.

whaddaya think?


Caro said...

Giant cupcake... not sure It would actually work. Kinda funny the butler.

stephanie said...

hahahaha those are awesome!!

Anonymous said...

oooh! i totally got the cupcake cake thing for my little sister this year <3

Steph said...

What about some HD glasses to go with last year's Dark Knight?

Loving the toilet man!