Monday, December 21, 2009

tis the season

Its official- I bought the Big Top cupcake! thanks guys for your comments! I didnt think I'd find it anywhere, but I did get a pleasant suprise when I did.

Being the holidays, I feel bad about a few things....I feel like a fucking scrooge really.
-Yesterday, I was at Jasons Deli picking up some sandwiches for me and Justy, and I was in my car, parked in a space, talking on my cell with Kelly. All of a sudden I hear a loud THUMP. I look out my window, this lady has opened her passenger car door and totally hit my car door with hers pretty hard! I was sooooo pissed! being as she was totally ignorant to it and continued going about her business getting out whatever it was out of her car....I couldnt even get out of my car since her door was blocking mine-still hitting my door- so I rolled down my window, and after a good 8 seconds, she finally notices me, and says. "oh, did you need to get out?" me-"uh, yeaaaaaaah. and you hit my car door with yours." (I sound really irritated) the women shows no remorse, "oh, sorry."
THEN doesnt shut her car door, or make it easier for me to get out of mine, for another minute. She's DAMN lucky I have a POS saturn=plastic car. But you know, its just the principle.
-I'm in property management, and I feel REALLY guilty, telling someone that since they have already moved out and havent paid their rent for the remaining month that I am going to charge them the breaking a lease fee. I know its business, but damn, i feel like the 3 ghosts are gonna come visit me. In this job I have to get used to people just hating you just because what your position is. Which is Collections.
-I got pissed at the Chick fila counter guy on saturday for totally screwing up my order, and it was really really really obvious it was because he wasnt paying attention to me.

ok, i feel better now that i let it out.


Iva said...

EEK! sorry about your car door! I hate when that happens!

stephanie said...

i am so with you on the car thing - how RUDE!! grrrr some people....

fieryred said...

I have nothing but complaints about property management. They have always found a way to charge for something. I don't envy you... Not a fun job to have...i would be a loophole finder for people.