Wednesday, December 23, 2009


I am soooooo bored.
I have been waiting all day for my work email to have a messgage in my inbox saying that we close early tomorrow. Because, if not, I'm leaving anyway.
To pass the time today, I am going to share some fun photos from the past.

me and my cousin Peter. We are only 2 weeks apart, and back then, everyone thought we were twins.

so, you see that blonde girl? that's the same blonde in the photo to the right of my blog. Melissa. Best friends for 20 yrs now. I am a little worried that all my haircuts in these pics are exactly wht I have now. Well, Bettie Page kept the same haircut her whole too I guess, so whatever.
this photo could have once embarassed me. that was my bedroom. and in that photo, I am in 7th grade. OMG. my parents refused to give me the task of painting, and I seemed like I was forever the
this is a special Rave picture. yes. I was a RAVER. I will never regret those days, and how much fun I had at them. That was my "disco era". And that halter top, I still have it, 10 yrs later.
aren't we awkward? and my mom's big ole hair. so late 90's. gotta love it. I spy my natural hair color!
this blog should be more like an ode to Melissa. We played soccer together for two years, and our dads were the coaches. The other things I remember was that we didnt like playing at all, but what we DID like was that we were the only girls on the team. Brats, we are. brats.
Well, anyway. Enjoy. Happy Holidays!


fieryred said...

don't worry...since i was about 10 i have had the same haircut...whatever makes YOU happy...that is what i say.

the real mia said...

What adorable old photos. I love looking at images from my past.

christina said...

what little cuties.