Wednesday, January 13, 2010

omg onethirteenten!

Happy New Year people, hope everyones was as good as mine. Things have been so busy for the past 20 days. We are officially moving back to Houston in March and I could not be happier! Like Ive been saying anywhere but here. I told Justin I have been waiting 2 years to have a NORMAL life with him, and finally we are on the way there. No more long distance from each other (the first year it was like that) and no more long distance from the real world of family, friends, actual stuff to do! (the second year has been spent like that) now we have been toiling with the decision to move to Clear Lake, or Montrose. The decision seems easy, (montrose) but jobs and Penny play a factor. So within the next week HOPEFULLY we'll have it figured out. My head has been hurting from all the decisions to be made.

-I have been working on a "101 things list" which are 101 things I want to do by 2012. I got the idea from a fellow blogger that I follow, and I cant wait to finish it with all the things. As soon as I'm done I'm going to post it.
-I was chewing gum the other day and a filling fell out. it was bizarre.
-I went to Austin on New years Eve and Penny took a crap at the capitol. It was rather comical. of course, I picked it up. I love Texas. Not Rick Perry.
-Justy and I have been on the search for a new couch. I cant wait to update on that!
-Xmas was awesome complete with a new Betsey Johnson purse and a snuggie. But word to the wise, Snuggies are actually low quality.
-At the white elephant game on Xmas eve, I stuck to my guns and stole the Big Top Cupcake from my mother. I will be using it in the next few weeks. i cant wait!

well, all for now. I really cant wait to see what the future holds for us!

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fieryred said...

glad you had a great new year...sorry i missed ya...random but i changed the blogs i display so hopefully you can actually click on my name and read mine not the silly running one. Thanks!!!