Thursday, January 28, 2010


I have been sending out a text to friends which I hope makes people laugh a little, and I decided to share it with everyone else.

"I eat Cat Poop."

and, yes, she does eat cat poop. what is it about cat poop that is so tasty to her? I have no idea...but everytime I think about it, I laugh, but when I actually catch her in the act, not so funny any more. her breath stinks and it literally sticks to her gums until you giver her water to wash her mouth out. I pretty sure I didnt need to go into detail there. lol. I will leave you a adorable photo of Kona, our mini cat.


citymama said...


stephanie said...

your pets are so adorable! and LOL @cat poop...hahahah

Caro said...

Yeah, my sisters dogs thinks the same way cat poop=treats

juliewood said...

I'm glad you like my babies miss steph. Yeah, Im gonna call you steph.

as for everyone else, I was wondering if cat poop might have some sort of vitamins in it dogs like. hahaha. yeah right.

Organic Meatbag said...

My dog eats the cat's poop too if she can get to it....hahaha...what the hell is with these crazy dogs??

fiery red said...

All dogs if given the opportunity WILL eat cat poop ;-O It has something to do with the salt and protein content. Bleh, whatever dogs! It is still poop, next time you need more vitamins ask me and i will give you a flinstone.