Monday, February 8, 2010

The sweet just aint as sweet without the sour

BOO! I see you!
This past week sucked and then it was pretty eventful too, so I cant really decide which direction it REALLY went in. Where do I start...
  • I had two of my 2nd interviews last week, I guess I scored both, but my paperwork is still going through, so no offer letters yet. One was good I guess, so amazing. The other was good, yet vague, pay hadnt been discussed yet, the property AMAZING, but the location not so pretty, yet still close to home for me. I seriously, I cant calm down till I find out DETAILS on both.
  • I found the most awesome color nail polish everzzz. Its a solid red glitter color, and though I hate painting my fingernails (i only do toes) I couldnt not test it out on my fingernails. and low and behold it has cracked after 2 days, I will be bringing this shiz to the nail salon.
  • People ACTUALLY came to Beaumont to stay this weekend. Of course, they were Justin's friends, but I still consider them mine too. It was fun, we drank, laughed, went out to eat, people paid Penny attention, so nice.
  • I got written up not once. But TWICE last week. Lets just say I think they knew I was leaving soon. Way to be professional guys....But the write ups made it THAT much easier to put in my notice. I had been toiling with how I was gonna go about it for a while now. I guess it was just meant to be.
  • I went out Saturday and spent money I didnt need to, but whatever, i owed that to myself. I bought an AWESOME magazine holder, (Justy and I have been on the lookout for a cool looking one for a long time now) I got a sweet deal on a new purse that had been orig. $100 for $30 (nice, niccccce) and then Justy so KINDLY bought me some new shampoo. And not just ANY shampoo. Catwalk Headshot Shampoo and Cond. This story is very lame, but my tresses cant take any more of Justin's organic shit!!!! thats right I said it!!!
  • The Saints won. I dont even LIKE football. But, I watched it and Im all about rooting for the little guy. So I'm happy for them, Justin and I both agreed though, pc or not, we dont wanna hear about this having to do with Katrina. We just dont. I wont go any further with my remark.
  • Today, I figured out what to get Justin for V-day. I had been wanting to do this for a while now, and finally today, I broke down, got on Etsy, and emailed this guy about what I am tryin to do. I cant wait to see how it comes out and to actually show people what it is!!! Justin gave up my gift already since I have to take off work for it, he bought us tickets to go see Jim Gaffigan this friday! Cant. fucking. wait. BACONNNNNN!!!!!!

Whatd you do for your honey for Vday this year??


Caro said...

My boyfriend will probably play his video games *rolling eyes*

Anonymous said...

i bought him a hat. i suck.