Sunday, June 6, 2010

Word, Yo.

I've been busy. Busy with things that I cant wait to explain!

Where do I start? hmmmm....

Since we've been back in houston things have been so awesome. Its funny how when it comes to work, when I dont have much to say about it, that means its going well. But when a friend asked me "you haven spoken about more feeling like the new jack?" I came to the realization. I mean, of course my new job of being the assistant property manager isnt absolutely perfect, but it's good. Its opened doors for me I had only imagined...which brings me to the next topic, I purchased a BRAND NEW car.

One day while I was at work, I decided to drive down the freeway a few exits to test drive a new Kia Soul on my lunch break. I've been thinking about getting a car for the past few months, I had some money put away from when I was a kid with birthday bonds...but I wasnt exactly ready and I didnt even know WHEN i was gonna be ready to take on a car payment. So, I go, test drive the kia soul, (which was super cute alot of trendy little extras on the interior, but since it was a KIA, I wasnt super excited about the name brand) and then as I'm on the freeway to get back to work, my car started doing some weird shit...electrical shit such as saying I had no gas when I had over a half tank, and the emp was on COLDDDDDD. I pulled over yada yada yada, and after that day, I came up with the NEXT realization that I was absolutley tired of putting money into this 9 yr old saturn, that just keeps breaking down at least once a year. That weekend I went with my dad to a dealership. The firest one we went to was the Nissan dealership. The next thing I know, 4 hours later I was driving off the lot with kia's competition car, the Nissan Cube!!! I never in a million years thought I would ever be the owner of a brand new (with the brand new car smell) car. But luckily I have a father who knows how to talk to people and get me a sweet payment plan I can afford with a sweet price. I feel so blessed. still today, I cant believe it

Back track a few weeks- I work every first saturday of the month, with rent being due by the 3rd, so with that being said the second weekend of the month i catch a 3day weekend with friday off. Last month on that friday, I set up a hair appoinment with the man that first introduced me to bangs 6 years ago, Jimmy. Of course now he seems happier working at a cool salon in the heart of montrose and no that shit hole tony and guy. That day I was feeling especially odd, and I asked jimmy to chop it off. I hadnt even spoken to Justin about this idea, but i just decided to do it. Jimmy said something along the lines of "this is gonna be baaaaad" as he looked at my crazy long coif. "bad????" I say to him, then he says "no, I mean baaaaad in a good way. Thats alot of hair." I know. it was alot of hair. But I kept seeing photos of myself, and I was just, bored. No changes. In like, 6 years. So he cut it, and as ALWAYS, like the first time he ever cut my hair 6 years, it was the best haircut of my life. Which was a phrase he actually said to me that first time.

So two rather big changes in my book. Other things are, Justin and I are better than ever. He is my rock, my best friend, the love of my life. We love our new home with our yard, and Penny is happier than ever and growing fast. We took her on our road trip last weekend to the Guadalupe river and it was her first time to swim. She's never swam before (I know I 8mths she still hadnt but she was always scared of the water) and when she saw the river she didnt waste any time and jumped right in.
We had a party in our yard for my birthday that went pretty well, we grilled and drank and also realized we needed to throw parties often. We have all the space in world in location location location.
What else.....oh yeah, eventually, we plan on getting another doggie. As soon as we catch up on bills, I want to look for a smaller pup, such as a poodle mix.
Other than that life has been going pretty well, Im so happy. I'm happy thats there's no negativity, I have all the right people in my life, and the man in my life is perfect (almost, haha).


Caro said...

I absolutely love your new hair cut!

Melissa Amelia said...

It's about time you wrote! Haha... well I can't say anything because A. I never write and B. I already knew all this stuff (since I live soooo far away and all). OK, see you later, neighbor!

Ashley Yazzie said...

Okay, that hair is too cute to be true. Very sassy!