Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Hello, America!

Great News!

Im Engaged!

Its funny, how I've been away for so long....

I had recently lost time for blogging and its obvious Ive been busy with a ring on my finger. haha

But, I want to pick up again and now its even more important to record my life and all the new things that are happening.

I think the last time I blogged, I was working in the ghetto East Houston, and I was quickly getting fed up with the racism, murders (no, really) and I started looking for a new jobaroo. I luckily had a friend that helped me get a interview with my dream property mgmt company and I scored the position as their assistant manager. I began there in early early August and I finally get to work with people more on my wavelength and I have really enjoyed it.

Fast foward to October, we had our tickets in hand to go to Austin City Limits. We were super pumped to go this year and finally my 3 best girlfriends joined Justin and I.

On the Saturday of the festival, Justin asked me to marry him. It was so funny, trying to look back on that moment, I cant even remember exactly what he said to me, it was such a blur and I was sooooo suprised.

I had always imagined that moment, and wondered how it would happen, and when it did it exceeded my dreams!

So here I am, a month and a half or so into being engaged, and seriously, the world just seems like a better place. We have our date set for April 9th, 2011 just around the corner and Ive got so much planning to do.

I think the first thing (of course) is go try on dresses. And yes after hitting up 3 different spots on the fourth try I found my dress. When I found it, I kinds felt sad, I loved trying on dresses. Some people act like they hate it. How can you hate it? For me, its like the only time Im ever gonna wear white like that and a dress that expensive, and when you try them on there are so many different styles. The one downside to it was, I remember the last place I went to, I was sweating my ass off. All the dresses I tried on didnt seem to have a bunch of tulle under them, but my legs were misty. it was funny. Ive been really lucky to have what I call my power team come with me for advice and opinions. my cousin sherri and melissa (one of my maids of honor)were alot of fun to go with to look around. They were even with me when I found my venue.

Anyway, I have to spare the details because really, I need to catch up with my blog. I really hate when I lose my lust for posting, because really I love it. Once again, I know for sure there is DEFINITELY more to come.


Caro said...

I am so happy for you.
It's nice to hear from you.

Anonymous said...

Wow!! The Best Julie Ever deserves the best. Ill never forget you and I will forever be sorrowful of the mistakes I made. May all your dreams come true!!

-Austin Tx

stephanie said...

CONGRATS!! so very exciting, best wishes and happy planning ;)