Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Bride Wars

OMG. planning.

Heres a word to the wise friends- Elope.
Elope unless you or your parents or whoever have a bunch of money that they want to spend on your big day, or if your family and friends really want to dedicate all their time to help you.
So far I have almost all the big things taken care of, with the exception of my centerpeices or florals...though I had gone to do a quote with someone. I decided to list out things of planning that is fun and the things you think will be fun but arent really that fun.

Venue Shopping: Fun if you know exactly what you are looking for. It was funny because I was looking at venues just for fun before I even got engaged. Of course I didnt know I was getting engaged, but the feeling of "what if" hit me literally about two months before justin popped the question. And one day while doing a little shopping in the heights, I went in to this vintage movie theatre turned art gallery, and suprise! They rented the place out for parties and it DIDNT cost an arm and a leg. The best part about the venue was that it basically had alot of the decor already as the art stays up during your event and also, I have free range to choose any vendor I want.

Dress Shopping: Depends on the person, but for me, FUN FUN FUN! I almost wish I didnt have to end. It was one of the first things I did. Some may hate this if they dont like shopping but everyone knows I do, so it was really exciting. Most dresses i tried on actually fit me, but that didnt mean they all looked good. I ended up finding a few dream dresses but I remembered I needed to stay with my budget, and the dress I chose, I realize now, I chose that dress for a reason. Plus, its not this huge cupcake dress that makes you sweat underneath with all the damn tulle and crap. (though I did try on a cupcake dress just for a laugh)

Florals: Hated it! So while most girls already know exactly what they envisioned when it comes to their floral arrangements, I had and still have no idea what Im in to. I know colors that I like, but the colors I like arent real when it comes to flowers. I went to meet a florist 2 months ago and left there with nothing solid and still today floral arrangements is one of the last things on my list to do thats major important. The whole time I was there, I was soooo lost.

Cake Tasting: Anti-Climatic. Meh. Maybe its because I dont care for icing....plus you taste the cake and then they quote you the price and then, you wanna say, forget it. The whole time I thought cake tasting would be like the Movie montage in the Wedding Singer and it wasnt. Instead of going with one of those well know pricey places, I decided to take a cahnce and go with this lady who bakes cakes out of her home kitchen. When we went there she actually baked 4 six inch mini cakes of the flavors and filling we wanted to try and then she had us take them home too! So that was probly the best thing that came out of cake tasting.

Catering: it wasnt too hard for me to find someone especially since we are keeping it simple with the food, just good ole BBQ from my fave BBQ joint in town Demeris. The problem with caterers is that once they get your money/deposit, its like whenever you call to ask questions they act like they dont have time for you anymore. I mean hey, they already got half your money! Whenever I feel moody, I decided that should be the time to hit these people up with my questions, at least I can use my frustration with where its needed.

Photographer finding: Not too bad. I found mine already and we totally hit it off, and I really really love her work. But here's the kicker people: the photography has been the 2nd most expensive thing so far. It will probly reamin in that spot right after the caterers. Which isnt a problem though dont get me wrong...in the end those photos will be all you have left! And to me thats worth a million.

Other small things that are fun/exciting/not so fun/I can give advice:

ETSY!-omg...I have found soooo much stuff on here for the wedding and it has been SUCH a blast finding it. You name it, itll be on there... I found a cute wedding banner,my BOUQUETS, photographer props, Justins engagement ring! you get the idea.

Brides Maids: it was important to me to be able to let my girls help choose something they all they and could afford. Since the color I wanted them to wear was Purple I went on nordstrom and chose a variety of styled dresses in the same color and took a poll with the girls. The reason for choosing Nordstrom over other places was that the girls could return their dresses afterward. I know that sounds shitty but hey, they really did wear it once...and they probly really didnt love it. So hey, they just wanted to return it. No questions asked.

Advice from others: I have gotten irriitated with certain people when they ask me questions and I answer with what I plan on doing and then they belittle it, dont agree or that wouldnt be what they are doing, my advice is to listen to your heart, and always remember, ITS YOUR DAY. and youll only get it once. The sky is the limit. For instance, my bouquets are actually NON floral and I bought them on etsy. Some girls would die before not going with real floral for the bouquets they walk down the aisle to. But, if you know me, youd understand...I like to go against the grain sometimes...I like different. And I remembered that its only once this will happen.

We cant wait!

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