Wednesday, March 23, 2011

She's having a baby

So literally like a week after my last blog in January, I had this seriously odd feeling. My "monthly bill" was only like 5 days late, and I decided to take one of the pregnancy tests that I have always stored in our linen cabinet for "just in case". The test came back in 3 minutes, with that "+" sign. I must say i was feeling a little shocked to say the least. Justin was in our living room watching tv and I called him in our room to show him the test. The first person I called after that was Allison, my sister. We sorta laughed about it, but I think she was immediately excited knowing that her daughter Kylie would have a new playmate soon and she'd have a fellow mommy friend.

We decided to wait to tell our families around six weeks, so the waiting period of not telling the people who matter most was hell! I went to my bridal shower the following weekend after finding out and I had to watch everyone get drunk off the specialty drink while I drank white cranberry juice that was disguised as the everyone else's drink.

Finally Justin and I told our families at different times and to see the look on their faces was priceless. Though some people may not approve of our new addition since we werent getting married yet for another two months, we have become more and more excited for September 22nd, 2011 to roll around.


the first 3 and a half months were incredibly hard. I was sick ALOT and nothing at that time sounded fun to me to do, i.e. blogging. I was sorta just useless and then there was all the planning that needed to be done for the wedding and that took alot of my time since I did all of it by myself. i ended up dropping around 5-6 lbs during that time from puking...and then there was the situation of work...(which actually it is STILL like this)my job is one of the mot stressful places for me right now. If it wasnt for this place Id be a happy girl, but work has made me miserable. there was even a few days where I thought I was going to miscarry in the beginning from being so stressed and upset about it. But weirdly enough, I made it through the first trimester, which is the most crucial time, and up until the night before our wedding I stopped puking. I think our baby knew exactly what was going on and knew that I needed this time for me and Justin to enjoy.

This is me resting which was pretty much the majority of what I did during the first tri... lay in my corner of my couch with Penny, my "nurse"

Our wedding was AMAZING! just about everything went perfectly and all my hard work on how I wanted it to look paid off. So much, that our wedding will soon be featured on (not sure of the date but EEK!) Two days later we went on our honeymoon to roadtrip the coast of California. I learned honeymoons are so you see how exciting it is to spend the rest of your life with that person, and I feel so lucky its Justin.

this is the day after our wedding in our hotel where I felt like my "bump" literally came out of nowhere over night. How funny how I actually felt this was something to shout about!

The second trimester had been a total breeze just like they say it usually is. And two weeks after our honeymoon we learned that our baby was going to be a little girl that we will be naming Violet Bryn! I cried during the ultrasound at the thought of seeing Justin with a daughter. he will be such an amazing dad! I think the only reason at the time I wanted a boy was because I knew if I had a girl that all I'd do was do what I do best and go shopping. I feel like theres so much stuff for baby girls than boys as far as clothing is concerned, and decorating the bedroom is also SO FUN, so much to choose from and I have so many ideas it never ends. I have given myself $30 bucks a week to shop for clothes with because I know if I gave my self more Id go nuts, so I go shopping on my lunch breaks at work usually choosing the days where Im having a bad day, because seeing violet's new wardrobe makes me feel better.

me at 24 weeks...second tri just about over. I really liked my bump at this time!

A few days ago, I hit my Third trimester mark. I feel pretty good for now- my weight gain is on point of 24 lbs. which is normal for week 27. I still have good amount of energy, and though I have been a bit more hungry than I had been pre-preggers, I dont have any WEIRDO cravings and I never really did....I mean there were things that I liked but rarely ate because I knew of the calorie content, but now I tend to not care really as much and dont get me wrong, I know my limits on these things. I'll have to save the food cravings/non-cravings for a future blog though. I think the day we found out we were having a Violet and not a boy, I started feeling her move. I NEVER get sick of it! Sometimes it suprises kicks are more forceful than others, I'm looking foward to seeing more of those actually body parts that people talk about seeing. I just recently have been able to see her kicks happen without me having to actually feel my tummy. Those are really funny to see. I keep thinking Though I know she's not an alien, shes little hero inside my belly who is going to show me and Justin what life is all about. I havent done too much yet with her room, mainly because we live in our downtown 2 bedroom loft still and I seriously still have NO IDEA what we are going to do about our living situation when our lease is up, which is exactly 3 months after Violet is scheduled to be born (oh yeah her due date is September 22nd, I forgot to mention)
so between now and then Im really really hping we will agree to move back to Clear Lake and buy a house to be closer to most of our friends and family.

me as of yesterday, 27 weeks! definitely a change here, my tummy is more filled out, Violet is about two lbs, about the size of a eggplant!

I think the summer will keep me indoors a bit more which will probably force me to find other things to do such as blogging which something I once enjoyed doing so much. I have so much I could go blog about these days being pregnant and its definitely something I want to look back on and read about. Until later friends! :-)

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Melissa Mancill said...

I really enjoy reading ur blogs. It seems like a fairy tale with a lot of happiness involved. You look more beautiful pregnant and I know u will will be great parents. Congrats on the beautiful wedding and your precious Violet. Your lives will never be the same when she arrives and nothing else will matter except her happiness!