Saturday, July 16, 2011

Wedding Sneaks

So we got our wedding photos back and I wanted o share a few with some notes on how we did it. Enjoy!

one moment before the walk. I was completely calm through the whole thing! funny how I thought Id be opposite!
My walk down the aisle with my dad, my hero.

meeting my love!


Justins men!

trying to figure out a line dance....though Justin and I said "ABSOLUTELY NO LINE DANCES!"

Our first dance to hahahahaha the Thompson Twins "if you were here" we wanted to be very Sixteen Candles. my bouquets were made out of felt flowers. I wanted all my girls to have something that would last forever, plus realt flowers are done all the time...if you know me I like to be different!
my favorite group shot in front of our venue.

The candy bar that I worked VERY hard on. I had a blast creating it though! we had some of our favorite candy: gumballs, lemonheads, peanut m&m's, ring pops, charleson chews, saltwater taffy, and pop rocks....also jordan almonds (only cuz thats good luck for a wedding, in reality cant stand em)
The wedding cake! I wanted simple but with a unique touch.

at the end... of course since at the time here I was 17 weeks pregnant I was probly the only one NOT drunk!

our exit!!! hence the bubbles!
Justins ring was custom made. Those are my finger prints that surround the ring. I really liked that personal touch, justin didnt want diamonds!

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