Friday, July 29, 2011

Cupcake in the oven!

The last few weeks have been so hectic but the excitement of whats about to come is mounting!

The baby shower was thrown for me two weeks ago which was really exciting, and I had a blast. Its really fun to see what people come up with for girls. I think everyone knows girls are so much more fun to shop for too. I'm actually pretty close to having just about everything I need for my little strawberry tot, with the acception of her crib and highchair. Im going crazy about getting a crib at this point....Im in my eighth month (six weeks to go!) and yes, that feeling of nesting has come on. Good thing this weekend we will go to purchase our crib. I really cant wait, I got an AMAZING deal on bedding at a expensive baby store that was going out of business. We're talking a 10 piece set that originally was $700 that I got for a low $175.

I decided to list a few things Ive learned in the past few months aout pregnancy:
1.Pillows are your friend!! This is serious business people. I started out with the "Snoogle" pillow (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED) which is a maternity pillow that is basically shaped like a giant C. I used that up until about 3 weeks ago, I found as I have getting HUGE, it just wasnt enough anymore. Poor Justin, has to deal with sleeping in a queen size bed with me, two cats, sometimes Penny, the snoogle and now another large body pillow. He insists on sleeping in the same bed, though I offered to take the guest room bed, he said he would manage. I find that whether Im in bed, on the couch, in my work desk chair there needs tobe at least a pillow backing me. It helps alot.
2. Baby Showers=BETTER THAN BRIDAL SHOWERS- I had fun at my bridal dont get me wrong, but baby showers are more joyous, of course the food IS WAY BETTER (cuz your pregnant) and the gifts are way more fun for everyone to watch you open. I liked that the party was more about Violet than me because I have issues with getting a bunch of attention. Hard to explain, but Id rather talk about her than me these days.
3. Sodas=NOT YOUR FRIEND- I would know because caffieneis something I hae not been able to give up. they arent lying when you are told it totally bloats you. Cuz it does. bad. I tried in the beginning to give it up, then moy doctor told me those horrible headaches I was having was because of the lack of caffeine compared to what I had once before. So now, yes I still drink a diet coke a day...Ive given up alot of other things, but this one I wont otherwise it water water water and Lemonade is my new obsession these days.
4. Cravings are fun when they arent totally wack- I got lucky in this department. I havent had many WEIRDO cravings that some people have. As of the past few weeks, I have obsessed over deli sandwiches, sherbet ice cream or lemon flavored italian ice, mac and cheese (nothing unusual there) fruit loops cereal (or just CEREAL in general) I have had beef in my diet about 3 times in the last 8 months, and never once pork. Which once again is normal for me.
5. I know nothing still about breastfeeding- And yes, I still plan on doing it when she comes, but like I said I dont know anything about it. I finally broke down and bought some books on parenting for Justin and I last night. We know nothing on sleep schedules, b-feeding, when to get shots, whats absolutely important to have, ect. I joked the other I feel like Im on that show 16 and pregnant.
6. I have alot of apologizing to do in six weeks- I have many times often been the bitch from hell. They arent lying when they say your hormones are outrageous. I am sometimes suprised Justin still wants to be married to me, and my friends still call me, and my family still loves me unconditionally. There are a few certain people who have really got the grunt of my moods from me, and every day when I go back and think about it, I feel really bad about it. I need to figure out some sort of gift to give these people after Violet comes. Justin deserves a medal for having to live with me. lol.
7. Unless you are unusual, forget about working out- I remember being like 8 weeks and saying, "Im still going to work out while pregnant, piece of cake" yeah, right. The best I could do was not overdo it with the eating, and try to do normal day to day things like standing up on my own, carrying in my own groceries, getting up from my desk, taking the stairs as much as I can, and actually just moving, instead of letting someone else feel sorry for me and do it for me.
8. Im from Texas, born and raised, I've already known hot weather- this is the phrase I CONSTANTLY have to use with people literally arguing this issue with me.....I cant remember if Ive said it before in a past blog....but no, Im about as hot as ANYONE ELSE here in houston. I know its scorching, therefore, I dont put myself outside for long periods of time. Unless Im in a pool or something. But then again this past weekend, we went to the Heights for White Linen Nights, and yes, it was hot out, but once again, I stayed hydrated, drank water and lemonade,and sweated exactly the same as the next person. I know hot weather. I'm from texas. born and raised.
9. Ive smothered my Dog with my new maternal instincts- Poor penny...then again she probably likes all the attention I give her lately. I worry that she will feel a bit left out when Violet gets here with another girl in the house. I plan on making Penny like Nana the nanny dog on Peter Pan. She's already good with kids, I totally trust her.
10. I will NEVER want a boob job- someone PLEASE tell me that one day your inflated boobs go back to their normal size! I learned that I really really like my A-cup boobs. I miss them so much. Its so weird watching them grow to a weird looking C cup in a matter of months. At first before my tummy was showing, they were bigger and I didnt totally mind it. But now, big belly, big boobs, Im just not enjoying it. Theis new C-cup to be honest isnt even pretty. I'm not trying to give a mental picture here, but this is no temporary boob job. If it was itd be botched. And Id be sueing.

I wanted to finish with a few photos from the baby shower for fun. People can see the "puffy" new me. yay.

The game here was to draw a picture of violet with the paper plate on your head. This was the winner's picture, though you cant see....
My sister, the hostess with the mosteeee, and my chub chub face.
Im gonna come out and say this, grandma asked too many questions on gifts....and I was really short on breath this day. OMG.
My barbie themed cupcakes...I didnt eat any though. Cake/Heavy sweets are NOT part of the cravings list for me.
The diaper cake my sister made for me. I couldnt WAIT to get one of these. I cant WAIT to make one for someone else! So cute! the theme was Strawberry Shortcake.
Something I have never seen before and I refuse to take it apart still, so here it resides on our loft wall until I am desperate for diapers. The diaper Wreath my cousin Kristin created for me. I love it!

I have another entry, I may get to today, which is something that has been incredibly comical for me and Justin. Hoping I get the time to share it....but as always thanks for reading!

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