Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Adventures of Mini Cat!!!

So I have been wanting to share this with everyone for a while because its just so silly.... one of our kitties, Kona, whom I call Mini Cat because she really is what I consider a mini cat...she's like 7 years old, and super small, (about 7 lbs) incredibly smart and looks like an alien. She has a ridiculous obsession with Justin to the point where I find it creepy.

So, since we have been bringing in all the new baby stuff, we believe she thinks that all these new gadgets are meant just for her. I have snapped many phone pics when I catch her into something thats meant for Violet. Its quite funny!

it started with the basket that we meant for Violets accessories, ect. I wasnt worried at first because mini cat really likes all things boxy.

I couldnt wait to get our stroller, I spent the afternoon putting it together, I got up and went to the bathroom when I came out, there she was. Like, "what this is for me, hello?" the funny part was I didnt remove her...I wanted to take the stroller for a drive, and the stroller has a built ipod hookup with speakers, so what did I do? I put on some Katy Perry and we rolled around for a few songs. She seemed so happy.

My best friend Cara is most excited to see Violet in the Bumbo chair...well Cara, hope this satisfies you for now!

I'm not going to think about the fact that there could be a chance that Violet may be allergic to cats. I really hope not.

Ok, so this one is because of me, she definitely didnt do it on her own, though I thought itd be funny, I wanted to see it on someone!!!

Not pictured but soon enough when I catch her in the act again, she also has been inching her way into sleeping in the pack and play which I WILL NOT HAVE! but the other day she snuck out of it thinking I wasnt looking. I saw. oooooh I saaaaaw. I will really freak if I catch her sleeping in the crib which we just put together this weekend. but, TBD on that. If so, I may have to throw her in the hallway of our lofts building.


Sherri said...

BAHAHAHAHA!!! Where's Gandalf??

Melissa Amelia said...

Yes!! I'm so glad you posted this! I needed that laugh... little Koni Bologna!!

Caramia said...

That was great. Poor thing's confused. Lol.