Friday, September 23, 2011

Our Baby Story (with some TMI moments)

September 9th, 2011 5:45am: Justin woke me up to say bye for the day he was on his way to work, and today, well today was going to be my last day of work! I have been dreaming of this day for nine months, I couldnt wait to have a whole week before Violet was scheduled to be delivered/induced, so I could sleep in and then take more naps, clean the house and get ready for her more, grocery shop, get my eye brows waxed, get a pedicure (and this time pay for extra massage time) and maybe even get a spray tan so I wouldnt look pale in delivery photos. I couldnt wait to go into work and have the feeling of "fuck this shit for three months" I must say it had been INCREDIBLY rough working there, the residents were not happy with our mgmt company takeover...

Justin-"have a awesome last day, arent you glad you made it?"

Me-"hell yes! have a good day..." penny then procedes to jump in bed with me since Justin is leaving like she always does.

the minute Justin shut the door to leave I felt something odd....I felt like I peed the bed at that very moment. I mean, I cant tell you how much I was peeing because of my baby sitting on my bladder, but I've never had such little control over my bladder.

Weirdly enough, Justin came back in the loft, and says, "I forgot my wallet!" and then I say to him..."I think i peed the bed...or, well, I dont know..."

I know Justy is thinking it must be the weird pregnancy symptoms, these things happen, he's sure. He went back on his way to work which luckily is only a few minutes away.

I got up to use the bathroom, and as soon as I stood up from the toilet, there it was...I was like a water faucet. Good thing I was in the bathroom. I couldnt believe it! Me?! My water breaking? NOW? I had one more day of work! This was two weeks early! the child preparation class teacher said most women these days rarely had their water break...especially early. So what did I do at that moment of being afraid and not knowing what to do? Not call the hospital, call my sister. hahaha. Then she advised, call your afterhours doc line-they will tell me what to do.

An hour after running around the loft like chickens with our heads cut off, Justin and I were on our way to the hospital. Even walking through that lobby, the "faucet" was still running. I kept telling Justin to stop walking so it wasnt so obvious. It was rather funny. We were told by our daytime nurse, Donna "your going to have a baby today" the phrase was insane to hear...we had no idea Violet was going to be ready to come so soon.

I was informed that I ruptured but I wasnt in labor yet, in that case they were going to give me Cervadil ( spelling?) and I will spare everyone details on how that is given to you. But I will say one on the most painful things/medicines given to me. At first, I felt a small contraction, I looked at Justin and sort of giggled about it. I had a contraction...yeah....not too bad yet. We were watching the gameshow channel and some retro game show I had never seen before, but I tried to focus and play along with it. One hour later, OH. MY. GOD. People kept calling to see how we were doing and I kept yelling at my phone stop pestering me, (sorry dear friends, but you were only interupting my pain and hoping I could actually speak to you through that...believe me you didnt want to talk to me) and then seeing Justin on his phone, or playing his DAMN SODUKU!!! I threatened him that I would through it all out the window. I know, what is he supposed to do? well, at the time I didnt want him to do anything.or just pay attention to me is what I wanted. I hurt so bad, I couldnt lie down in bed, and then I wanted to stand but every time I did, I felt like I had to pee like Ive never had to pee before. During this time 'Donna' the daytime nurse was NO WHERE in sight for a good four hours. I remember saying to Justin in that typical chick in labor voice, "WHERE THE HELL IS THAT NURSE???!!!!" Finally, 5pm rolled around Donna came back in and I told her my ass hurt like hell (in those words) and that I was ready for the damn epiderall. I made it for a good 8 hours without any pain killers and many contractions.

Lets talk epiderall. Pain? What pain? Contractions? Cant feel em! I had friends and family coming in after I got the epd. and it was like I was my normal old self again. The only difference was, I wasnt moving. If you asked me to move my legs that was virtually impossible. And to make things better they gave me a control button that I was allowed to push twice a hour to push more edpiderall juice into me. I was in heaven. Sounds bad, but I almost wanted to stay like that for the rest of the time. I almost thought I was prolonging pushing but my new nurse Tandi old me I would know when it was time. I will never forget Tandi. She was a year older than me, and incredibly cool, understanding, and paid attention to my needs. And not ONCE did she leave my side like freakin Donna did. I was lucky to have a nurse who seemed to totally understand me.

After hours of family and friends switching places to come visit me, I had many awesome conversations with each of them. it was sorta fun! Around 11pm, I felt it...I was ready to push. Everyone had to leave except Tandi and Justin both of them my "leg holders". Pushing was hard. I wont lie. I was tired after two hours. the third hour, Tandi filled us in that usually they only let patients push for up to 3 hours. This worried me. I was NOT going to get a c-section. I didnt waste all this time to go that route. Each time I had a break from pushing, I lied down and pretended to act like I had been sleeping for hours to get myself ready for another round. During the whole pushing thing I wasnt in any pain still, and I was fine carrying a conversation with Justin and Tandi. At three hours, Violet was down and close but she seemed to not be able to get through the pelvic area as well as we hoped. Tandi took an hour break and Justin and I cat- napped. When she came back she discussed C-section, my answer, " I can keep pushing." after that fourth hour, Violet was close enough for the doctor to use the "Vacuum" to give her that extra help. They told me her poor little head would have a bit of pain afterwards, but she'd be ok. When all the doctors and swarm of nurses came in for the finale, it happened so fast. my last pushes....I dont even remember them warning me that she was almost out. All of a sudden his little woman was on my chest! She cried as she was pulled out but the doctors dont lie, they really do know your voice, she looked at me and got quiet and her tiny hand gripped my finger. It was the most amazing moment ever right along with Justin and I kissing when we were pronounced man and wife. And now we had this addition to our life that WE created. It was moment I could never forget.

I must add that the immediate gratification you feel when they come OUT of your belly...I could feel it immediately. The pressure was gone of knees and feet pushing/kicking you and your bladder becoming yours to contol again. I thought I wouldnt miss it but weirdly enough today I was in my car, and listening to a song I liked...Violet was at home with Justin, and I missed not having her there in my tummy to talk to and tell her about the song, why I liked it, ect. I never thought I'd miss it...but now I have her in front of me, and instead, I have her to hold in my arms to dance with to that song. So it all evens out.

So now, a new journey begins for Justin and I. I can to share it, and record it to look back on. Its been interesting,stressful, emotional, and I feel like I can take on just about anything. I would do it all over again. Though when I say that...I'll wait a couple years.

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I cant wait to meet baby Violet!