Saturday, December 31, 2011

KellBell Adventures

I met my bestie Kelly back when I was 19 years old. I was 19, and somewhat of a lost soul, and working as a waitress opening up the new Bj's brewery Restaurant. Kelly and I trained together and I remember us being partnered up and thinking she was familiar, but such a cute little blonde chick (yes she's 4'11) with a personality I felt like I could get along with. If you've ever worked in the restuarant industry you would know, that it is PARTY CENTRAL. Your schedule basically consists of working double shifts, and then partying that night to all hours and starting all over again. Well, meeting Kelly, thats what happened, she became a party time friend, and later on much much more.

I have decided to make some features on my blog that may be monthly, or weekly, and this feature will be about my adventures with one of my dearest friends, Kelly. Over the past few months, I have found a HUGE respect for Kelly, and her day to day life, and how I've come to find that she may be one of the strongest people I know.   

I'm gonna start from the beginning Kelly.

When we met, I said she seemed familiar, well, she was and so was I to her. It just so  happened a few months before we met Kelly carded me at a mexican restaurant, and I being the cool 19 yr old flashed her a fake id. And Kelly unknowingly served me the best discontinued margarita called the Red Rita. I said to her soon after we formally met, "hey, I think you served me under age at Pinche's" She cracked up, since Kelly was also guilty of doing this at restaurants. "thats where I know you from!" She didnt get mad at me that she could have lost her job had I been found out, and that was pretty cool.

to be continued...

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