Sunday, July 8, 2012

25 new things....

I think a while back, I did one of these, but like I said it was a WHILE back. I'm sure so many things have changed, and I thought itd be fun to do it again. Imean, who doesnt like talking about themselves?

1. I am lsted as a DONOR on my drivers license.
2. I'm really really bad about liking something and then wanting to get one of that thing in each color/shape/flavor ect.
3. The best time spent away for me is getting a pedicure. ALONE. I can collect my thoughts, read my kindle, ect.
4. I have a HUGE celebrity crush on Steve Carrell. He has the whole package for me! Cute, smart and SO funny! Justin is totally ok with this too.
5. I am a BIG disney fan. I have been collecting DVD/VHS for Violet and also secretly so I can watch them too.
6. I love love love frozen yogurt. Long before the fro yo fad I loved it, but it makes me super happy that all these shoppes are popping up, now I dont have to travel far and wide just ot hit up a TCBY. I recently just tried Pinkberry. I am in love. m,y favorite topping with all yogurt is captain crunch.
7. I dont eat alot of beef/pork. I pretty much sub ground turkey for everything. I never know the difference either.
8. I still to this day for nearly ten years now could Chick Fila at any given time. But happily, I have cut down on eating like I used to.
9. Ever since I was pregnant I was always craving a margarita, but pre preggers, I never did and rarely drank them. Now, I always want one.
10. I recently told my boss this but thought it was funny to include. I am "Denim Certified". Meaning, I know how to get a person in some good fitting jeans. Seriously.
11. We almost named Violet, Olive. We decided against Olive because I was scared people would give "olive" too many silly nicknames in school.
12. I still to this day have most of the same best friends as I did since middle school. We are all three pretty proud of that.
13. I think there is a "top five" for everything.
14. I have a "dress closet". Consisting of course only dresses. I love wearing dresses, but I'm not a fan of my legs these days.
15. I love roller skating. I own roller skates.
16. My dream is to resale awesome Vintage treasures. I've been working on this dream to make it happen.
17. My husband and I also share another dream, one day we plan on opening a Cereal Bar/Coffee house downtown. Every time we go downtown we see places and say, "thatd be a good location..." I know on day this will happen  and it will be amazing.
18. It took me an ENTIRE year to finish Twilight. I hated the book. I found it incredibly repetitive. I also thought Bella's character was self centered. But for some reason, which is totally the opposite for howit usually is for me, I loved the movies. TEAM JACOB!
19. I love period piece movies.
20. I can still cry at the drop of a hat. I hate that I can do that. I really cannot control it most of the time.
21. I planned my ENTIRE wedding with little help.
22. Days before I found out I was pregnant, I was regretting my dress choice for some reason which was basically a empire waist. I thought I should have chosen the mermaid form fitting dress...I had even called them to see if there was anything I could do. Two days later I found out I was pregnant and then knew there was I reason I had chosen my original dress and was extremely happy. You couldnt tell a thing in that dress.
23. In labor I went 7 hours with absolutely no pain medication....I wanted to see what it really felt like. Finally I got a epiderall and was in labor for 16 more hours.
24. When I was little I would tell everyone I wanted to be an "author and illustrator".
25. I have a fear of Balconies and Escalators. Also snakes, most other reptiles, and roaches.

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