Wednesday, June 27, 2012

V day update!!

I'm happy to say I still feel like a brand new person these days. Everything has been great on the home front and the work front and it has been a long time since I cou say that. But honestly I think it was all well worth the wait. I think god may have been testing me, or maybe even toughening me up a little bit. Maybe I needed that, but I wish it hadnt taken thjat long to make me get some thick skin...or maybe he just wanted me to look around and fully appreciate what I had in front of me.

I needed to share some new fun facts about Violet and her baby progress because I havent said enough about her. Before she was born I told myself that I would blog regularly abouther each month and being sick has held me back from having any energy to even write about anything.

I think it was about around 4 or 5 months when we were nursing and she started to look more like a "baby" (you all know they REALLY start gettting cute at this age) and she stopped to look up at me and I thought, how I couldnt imagine her any different from what she is. While I was pregnant we spent so much time saying, "i cant wait to see what she looks like/what color her eyes are/what color her hair is/ect" well, I think the LAST thing we expected was for violet to have strawberry blonde hair. And we hoped she would have blue eyes like Justin's. I only hoped she would look like a gerber know those babies who sort of have adult features? Like how they have these features that will stay with them forever? I really just wanted her to keep changing so it would be forever a suprise for me and Justin becase she would always be changing as she grows. Well, she looks soooo gerber (this isnt Proud Mama speai\king! or is it? haha) She has this beautiful strawberry blonde hair and of course her Daddy's eyes!

While I was pregnant I was always so worried how Justin would react to being a dad. I dont know why. I wont lie, the pregnancy crept up on us, but then again better now than never...we had never planned on PLANNING to have a baby anyway. But during the early pregnancy sometimes it felt like Justin didnt believe it was actually happening. I dont want to give away a bunch of details as to why I felt like that but thats how it came off. But then when Violet was born, like many new Dads they become different people. Justin has become an amzing husband and parent, and what I'm trying to get to is that every day I LOVE those moments where Violet does something new/cute/funny/weird/amazing and every time, I look at Justin and he always has this proud Daddy look on his face and, man, it never gets old.

Right this very moment Violet is.....

Crawling!....well, almost. For a while now she has been "creeping" and for the past week or two she has been using her legs sooooo much more. I think maybe in another week she's gonna be there. This past weekend we spent a moring baby proofing everything as much as possible. I really hate having hardwood floors at much to clean all the time!!

Babble Babble!!....Violet has been loving to talk. Just like her Mommy! Lately she has been using G words like the common baby does, like, "Goo! Gah gah gah!!Guh Guh! Gah!"

Shy girl!....She picked up this mannerism I used to do when I was a wee one. I would get shy when people would look at or talk to me, and I would tilt my head and nuzzle it into my mom or dad or just my own shoulder. Violet was cracking us up when Melissa and Cara came over for a visit this weekend and for some reason, Auntie Melissa just turned Violet into a shy little baby.

Baby love!....She has been sleeping in her own crib and room! (woah! big step for her who slept in a side sleeper/nappy nanny/pack and play in our bedroom for 8 months. And also, so she feels safe, I got her a soft baby doll. She has latched on to this baby doll at night time and sleeps with it in her arms all night long. its so adorable.

Boob gal!.....we still nurse at morning and night time. At this point, I know she doesnt need me anymore, but now its harder for me to let go. Weird how that works out.  I just worked so hard for this to be right for the both of us and it takes alot of work to nurse a baby regularly.

Mine!!.....she knows WHAT she wants and HOW to get it. She is very good at wanting EVERYTHING I am holding or touching, then crying so she can have it and then crying even more when I take it away. It can be funny at times and then frustrating when she always seems to want my iphone.

Shoppaholic.....I have had a problem with spending alot lately. this is because Violet likes to shop. I'm serious. She loves going to the grocery store, target, mall, garage sales, ect. I think its because she just likes the change of scenery, but this makes me spend money. On her, mostly. ha. She loves to go in my closet or a clothing rack and just touch all the clothing and look at all the colors of things. Its so sweet.

Well, thats really all I can say for now, its almost lunch time. I really enjoyed sharing and I hope you did too!

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