Sunday, June 10, 2012

Big new thing.

I finally got the chance I had been waiting for since I even got pregnant and I finally got the chance to leave the apartment industry/Riverstone and work at a Senior Living home and Memory Care home. 
Let me just explain how I feel this is for me, of course not only does my own mother have Alzheimers but I honestly love the elderly and getting a chance to spend time with them and visit and listen to their adventures and they have so many! I feel so blessed that I will get to learn alot about my mothers disease from others that are going through the same thing, and hopefully apply what I have learned with my own family.

Working with my last management company in the last year and a half digusted me. It was so sad to see the lack of support for employees that work for a company whose CEO's claim that they dont have unprofessional nasty people working for them. I was disguested to see so many people fail due to no support from upper management which would lead to a domino effect on how each person under the next were treated. I have so many choice words for the people I had to deal with but honestly it doesnt matter now, Im gone and done with it and that part of my life is over now. thank god.

I cant wait to start this new journey of my life and now I have everything and EVERYONE in it that I could have ever wanted. Im happy to be able to be nice to people instead of hound people for their money to pay for a mediocre product. Just think, its my job to just help people. Sounds so good to me.

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