Friday, January 4, 2013

So this is 2013 is starting, eh?

I meant to post something about my week on a positive note and the fact that it was pretty eventful but then this morning I got a call from my dad to let me know that my mom is in the hospital so yeah...nevermind somewhat.

The BEST thing that happened this week was that my big sister had her baby boy, Austin! Austin is the FIRST boy to grace our side of the family, so I am really interested to see how this little guy turns out. He's so cute and little, and gives me baby fever times 1000! Its funny because we all are so used to saying "she" and "her" ect. And I cant wait to see how Allison handles a little man in her life. All the same its been fun to see her watch Kylie who happens to be the best and smartest and funniest three year old ever to date.

This past thursday I had a day off to myself (I seriously love those days and they are soooo few and far between) and I had been planning for evs to go thrifting downtown. Which is exactly what I did. I also discovered a new favorite store that featured individual artists creations and I will be doing a separate post to show more later on after I bring Justin there to check it out. But for now I will share with you my thrifty didnt buy all but believe me I wish I could have.
ok, so I will be kicking myself FOREVER on not purchasing this, but it just wasnt in the funds. But the top folded out and it was a lil mini bar. AGGGGH! I still want it.
This chair would have been great had it not been for the MAJOR stain of god knows what in the middle... though that could have been fixed.
You see this dresser and think nothing of it but I liked it a lot for some reason. 
I just had to include THE CREEPIEST DOLL EVER. She was like 4 feet tall too.  I instagrammed her yesterday, and no, pretty sure she is NOT Liza Minnelli. lol
Just a piece I wanted to include that I saw at the shop called Space. Homage paid to the amazing Bill Murray in Life Aquatic. Unfortunately my least favorite Wes Anderson film.
Even though this morning's events had me down in the dumps, I dove into my busy work day today to get my mind off of it. I just worry about my dad and feel bad for my sister who again, doesn't have her mother completely all "there" to enjoy this special moment with her. Unfortunately, I know how she feels, and I plan on making this weekend all about them and doing whatever I can to aleviate the stress off. Except for the few hours I will *yay finally* be getting color done on my anchor tattoo to finish it out. Sorry y'all, I've had to reschedule twice already :-)

Cheers to a great and better weekend!

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