Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The Resolutions of 13

Happy new year everyone!!

Me and Justin are so cool we took V out to dinner for Mexican and went home and watched a scary movie. I got pretty spooked by the movie and wouldn't go into any rooms without Justin. We watched VHS. It was surprisingly scary and at first I was like, maybe we should turn this off but I stuck with it and yeah sleeping last night was pretty tough. haha. Justin's mom was supposed to babysit for us but backed out at the last minute. Maybe next year we will finally get to party it up....who knows.

I have FIVE new years resolutions that I think I can definitely accomplish this year. Seriously. I picked some things that I was already planning to do anyway, so its not like I just cam eup with them to write a blog entry:-)

In no specific order:

1.  I need to get this house decorated. Justin always tries to make me feel better by saying we have a lifetime to make the house look good, but I mean, I just wanna say, I'm embarassed to have people over. Our walls are pretty bare...we dont have alot of furniture... Violet's room needs to be redone with a new look, and now that she's getting bigger, it feels alot easier to accomplish this a bit more. I went to a party the other night and this couple had just moved into their town home a MONTH ago and it was DECKED OUT. We've been out home for a year and I dont have shit done to it. lol. But then again, they didnt have any kiddos either.

2. Become Certified Activity Director. I'm pretty sure that work will pay for this. Not to mention Im sure theyd rather me have this certification than not and I am so excited to get this done!!!

3. Blog more. I say this every year. Well, we have a new mac computer, so now I really dont have any excuses.

4. Get to my pre baby weight. I know you may ask, you still havent done this? No. I haven't. I have 10 lbs. left. It's a hell of alot harder than I expected not to mention I really didnt give my self a head start with losing it after V was born. I ate my heart out for many months due to stress and depression. But now, that I'm FINALLY over PPD I'm on the right track.

5. Build and work on my side business. I havent been to many garage sales or estate sales lately and it isnt really the season now either but that doesnt mean I will slack off I need to work on my etsy shop and also use blogging and blog advertising to market myself. Justin also *YAY* decided he wanted to participate with this business so yeah I am UUBER STOKED.

I think 2013 will be a good year. Besides that I turn 30 in four months. YIKES!

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Melissa Amelia said...

You have really cute stuff in your house! It's definitely an ongoing project. But, I never think that your house is "bare" when I'm over there. In fact, I usually have a compliment on something awesome you found at an estate sale. I can understand wanting to update V's room. She's a little lady now :)