Monday, January 21, 2013


Justin and I were playing with Photo Booth

Watching- a bunch of things! But what Justin and I look forward to most is Happy Endings. Haha, reading that sentence sounds funny.  But also Shameless just came back and we LOVE that show as well.  But my personal favorite that just came back for the second season is Girls. That show is so amazing! I can never tell who I feel like I am most like out of the characters, and honestly I might even like it more than I liked Sex and the City. It just seems more realistic. We also just got Netflix again and I have been trying to get into Downton Abbey. But honestly, I will admit, it hasn’t grabbed my attention- though I will try to stick with it for a few more episodes.

Loving- My job!! I really feel like this was a match made in heaven! Everything flows so well between the residents and I. They change my life more and more each day and it’s a huge bonus to be learning a lot from it too. I have gained a lot of medical info and learned may terms and treatments/causes, ect. I no longer feel left out in the dust especially with my mom. I can apply so many things to help her now. And then to really sweeten the deal of being there, I have gained a few new friends. I haven't worked some where in a while where there were people that I had a lot in common with. 

Listening to- I laugh at myself for this but in the mornings I always jam the House music station on my Pandora. It really gets me going for the day. Otherwise, I heart Miike Snow, Burning Hotels, and Unkle.

Excited about- Life in general. I love my hubs, my baby, and our future plans for life. Justin took me out for sushi and then we got to go out with friends for a bit. It was nice to get out for once- I hadn't been out (at night that is sans baby) since Halloween. Yeah, thats right, Halloween. 

Reading- I’m not reading any books right now. I have a few chapters of 50 shades of grey that I just cant bring myself to finish right now. It was the same situation with Twilight. It took me a whole year just to finish the damn thing and I hated it. 50 shades is pretty cheesy. I kick myself every time I read Christian saying, “laters baby” WHO THE HELL says that?? I heard on the radio about some Parody Play of it that was happening downtown. Seemed interesting.  I’ve just been reading a lot of blogs nightly. And that’s kept me busy enough. Eventually, I will be picking up a book to read though.

Thinking about- My mom. I miss the old her a lot. I bring this up like I want to talk about it, but honestly, I dont want to. Its very kind that people ask me how things are going, and most don't pry to much which I appreciate. Also, this blog, there's so much I'd like to do with it, yet I know it takes time. Lastly, Ive been thinking about losing weight. I FINALLY am almost at my prebaby weight (yay!) but I REALLY need to tone up. I mean really. Because it almost makes no difference at all just because the scale says I weigh such and such number, my stomach muscles are completely mush now, and abs used to be my strong point.

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