Thursday, July 4, 2013

Ten movies I continually watch. Over and over...

1. Fright Night- I actually watch this one for a different reason than the rest. Colin Farrell is such an incredible hunk and as a vampire, I'd let him bite my neck any day, or night that is. While, I'm sure the old one is better because of the campiness, I really really liked this version for some reason. and a bonus, it's always on showtime. 

2. Bad Teacher- this is sorta my number one by far. I have memorized all the lines. and it's just so damn funny. why cant cameron diaz do more movie roles like this? She's so good at it. Watching the characters make fun of JT's character is so great to watch too. I also have a small crush on Jason Segal.
3.Return to Oz- I will always and forever love this movie and they still play it on tv time to time. When watching it as a child I loved it equally as much. It's one of those childhood flicks that even now when you see it, it does not seem childish at all. It's beautifully dark, and makes me want to read the books. When I saw Oz Great and Powerful, I was really really disappointed it wasn't as dark as this one.
4. Mean Girls- Well, duh. again, I know all the words, still to this day. It's a CLASSIC. Four for you, Glen Coco, you go, Glen Coco.
5.Cinderella- I am a huuuge fan of Disney anything. This is actually NOT my favorite Disney movie, but it just so happens that I catch it on the tube more often, so I always leave it on. In my top ten fave Disney animated movies, this one is around #5 or #6. That's a whole other blog post though.. 

6. Easy A- This list was in no way in any order by the way. This is the best movie ever. It's basically  a newer Mean Girls to me. Emma Stone is a waaaaay better red head than Lohan too. I dont care that Amanda Bynes has gone cray cray cuz I still love all her movies.  If I could choose to be any character in a movie Olive Pendergast would be one of em.
7. Gone with the Wind- I dont care this movie is hella long. It's in my top fave 5 movies of ALL TIME.  This movie shot comes from one of my favorite scenes. If Justin would let me, our next daughter's name would be Scarlett, or it was a boy he'd be named  Ashley. He didnt go for either of those though.
8. Pretty Baby- This movie is so incredibly disturbing. But I still loved it. It was during the time when Brooke Shields was so beautiful and I loved really all her movies from that time frame. Back in the day of living by myself, the movie channels always had this on, and I always ended up leaving it on as well. 
9. Paper Moon - this one makes my heart melt every time I see it. If you have never seen it before, (seriously quite a few haven't) then I suggest you do. The bond explained is so sweet and touching, yet in a way you dont expect. Sigh...
10. Bridesmaids- How could I ever forget Bridesmaids? Kristen Wiig's delivery in this entire movie is amazeballs, but some of my favorite lines actually come from the character Rita (the blonde mom/cousin) "I cracked a blanket IN HALF." Fantastic.

Well, there you have it folks, if you are ever stuck at home on a friday night with me, (which is very often for Justin and I due to NO WILLING BABYSITTERS) you will often see me watching one of these ten movies. Not because I went a put the actual dvd on, (though I actually own every single one) but becuase it's just what my premium cable is showing, and it was just that simple. :-)

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