Tuesday, July 2, 2013

this weekend. according to my iphone photos.

1.Food Truck Friday in the Heights!!
2. I ate at the Burger Bus and got some "Truffle Laced French Fries" oh sweet heaven.
3. Trying on the cutest dress at Jubilee. I should have bought it. But I didn't. Maybe I'll go back this weekend.
4.  That. Phone. not for sale. :-(
5. & 6. Retropolis on 19th st. I really could spend hours in there. Do you see that Navy and Pink dress? I tried it on but alas, too big...
7. Have you ever seen a Boutique Truck just liuke a food truck? Me neither. till last friday.
8. Saturday Estate Sale treasure hunt time. $5 trunk. I loved it for those sixties stickers!
9. Next estate sale had TONS of 45's including Barbie sings. too bad I have no 45 player.
10. Fantastical Lamps at this sale...
11. Sunday was my nephew's Baptism. Such a chunk.
12. Me and Austin. He's stealing my heart.


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