Sunday, October 27, 2013

My lil human turns 2

Though V had her bday party last month, I am long overdue on posting on her bday party. We had her 2nd birthday at Moody Gardens Aquarium, and it was a huge hit! V is a big lover of animals, and one of the first big outings we ever had with her was at the Aquarium, so this seemed like the perfect place. She's become such a little sweetie, we love her so much! Voilet has changed our lives so much and made us the better versions of ourselves. What a blessing it has been so far!

Violet at 2

weighs: 33 lbs.
nicknames: bahboo, bahbin, V
favorite tv show: Danile Tiger, Cailou, Mickey Mouse Club House
favorite color: Green, Purple
favorite book: here are my hands, goodnight moon, green eyes(old library book found at goodwill)
favorite toy: daniel tiger ANYTHING, calico critters
potty trained: nope. still working on that. I want to know she's ready, and I dont think she is yet.
favorite food: strawberries, blueberries, chickfila, mac and cheese, goldfish.
favorite activity: coloring, walks with daddy, playing in her teepee ("teepee time")
favorite movie: finding nemo
favorite clothes: her fedora hat, leggings, toms shoes, mom's red sequined head band.
what she knows best: she can name almost ALL zoo animals. She know her stuff.
dislikes: baths, wearing any shoes OTHER than tom's shoes, long sleeve shirts, cucumbers.
So hard to get good family

me and V in the party room. A whole wall was under the aquarium!

Her bday table. They do the decor. This made things very easy for me.

V and Grandpa (my dad)

Daddy, Kylie, and uncle Nick.

Fred the shark that sat right at the glass the whole party

Party host dude that did such a good job!!

Mainly boys attended the party...I think they really enjoyed it!

me and my best, cara

my favorite niece and my bday girl

the birthday girl!

just one of the guys...

best part, our intimate penguin encounter! went behind the scenes to get introduced!

Meet Marley!

The bday girls gets her photo op with Marley

Cake time!

Brodie, V's buddy.

Everyone at the party got free entry into the Aquarium after the party. We love this place!

The boys touching and feeling!

Cara and fiance Jeff

Me and my close buddy, Terri

Best party to date!

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