Monday, November 10, 2008


so today, i got a call from an old friend. i had called him last night cuz i wanted to ask him some questions about his job.

He was friends with another one of my really old friends whom i no longer talk to anymore. Well, to really explain what im gettin at here, was he acted sorta like an asshole. I mean he was cool, but at the same time he had this aire (i hope i spelled that right) about him even over the phone. I asked about the old friend i havent talked to and it surprised me and even hurt me a little that they were still friends and her and I werent. It made me sad for a couple hours. I dont care if him i are close but the other old friend, I still care. its just one less person I dont have in my life anymore. And lets face it, i dont have that many friends any more. I'm not gonna lie either, its my fault for that. EVer since I moved back to houston the make new friends scene just aint happenin for me, and honestly theres not many i come come across to choose from. I still have a few of my old friends from hs which i love, but all of them have made new girlfriends and here i am still sittin back relying on them with all my shit when they have others they can still go to.

This weekend really put some other important shit in perspective for me. I WILL get a new job. Holy shit. I have this customer that comes in every day and has given all of us in the dept. gifts such as little canvas paintings and shit like that cuz he owns his own printing company. well let me just add that hes sorta crazy. crazy like he comes into the store and I'm pretty sure he almost ALWAYS on drugs. hes speech is always slurred and he just fuckin crazy. me and jaime emailed him our resumes cuz he offered to fix them up for us. andover the year we've all sorta become somewhat friends with him. well on saturday he came in and gave me a new painting and a necklace with a card. a lil weird yes, but i felt bad if didnt accept because hes the type who would freak out if I didnt take it. well later when I was on my way out, he called and jaime answered and he asked us if we wanted to go to dinner tonight. I dont know exactly what jaime said but it was something along the lines of "she has plans." well the customer freaked the fuck out told jaime, " he doesnt tolerate bein played. " and "he didnt know i had a boyfriend" when believe me, I always like to talk about justin and then, the worst part- "if she doesnt bring the stuff i gave her today back to work by 7pm tonight, he's calling the store manager and I can forget my job" well I read the note finally he gave me with the gifts and it was basically a lover letter, and I'm like oh shiiiit. We have a psycho on our hands. I havent been threatened like that by a guy in that way in a while and it brought back some baaaaad memories. So i'm really taking it seriously and I now HAVE to get a new job. that just took the cake especially when my own boss made me feel like I was being a drama queen over something serious. I mean, the dude walked in again yesterday and started talking shit about me directly behind me and also while i was with a customer and it was to my manger who did absolutely nothing. I couldnt stop crying and i just felt soooo uncomfortable and when I asked my boss if i could go home he made me feel like complete shit for it. So yeah that about sums up that I'm over it. no matter what I WILL make things happen for me.


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