Tuesday, November 11, 2008


dude. i took the piss test today and I have never encountered such an unhappy person in their line of work. unless they tell her to act like that, i dont know. haha. I wanted to laugh at how just serious, and mean and monotone this bitch was. I mean I was drug testing for employment not a court order!!! its not like I was a delinquent! but i sure was being treated like one. owell. life experience. I hope ihope i hope iget this job and they offer me good pay...i decided if it doesnt offer what I had in mind then its not meant for me.

last night me and justin went and saw zack and miri make a porno...dude I totally loved it. seth rogan is always fantasticly funny and I just love love love elizabeth banks. there were so many sexual instances with her that I have been in as well it was a movie that was easy to relate weirdly enough. well all for now.

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